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How To Change Careers Smoothly In 6 Simple Steps

Whether you’re looking to earn more, your work goals have changed, or your boss isn’t great, you might be looking to switch careers.


Always Take Action

For many of us, we have goals, we have specific things we want to achieve yet we fall short in achieving them. The biggest problem we have is taking action when things get tough or we don’t know the exact next step to take. Renee Frey, President of TalentQ joins us to talk about her story and also how she coaches others to take action in the face of adversity or the unknown. Connect with Renee...



At our 2020 HMG Live! Minneapolis CIO Executive Leadership Summit, on Learning from the Past and Present to Reshape the Future Business — industry luminaries, including Bryce Austin, CISM, Strategist & CEO, TCE Strategy; Robin Brown, CIO, Protein Group, Cargill; Jamey Cummings, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry; Renee Frey, Founder and President, TalentQ, Inc...


Stacey Stratton, President of True Talent Group Interviews Renee Frey

Stacey Stratton, President of True Talent Group, and Renee Frey, President of TalentQ, talk about starting their businesses, the ups and downs of ownership, and being an entrepreneur. Learn some awesome tips from these bad ass business women and so much more...


11 Skills Employers Look For That Most People Never Think About

Picture it: You’ve been sifting through job ads for weeks, looking for the perfect fit. The next one you pull up is an exact match for your skillset.
But the “hard skills”— the specifics of how to get the job done—aren’t the only skills employers look for. Soft skills are just as important.


This Is What You Should Wear To Your Developer Job Interview

As Will Rogers phrased it:  “You Never Get A Second Chance to Make a First Impression. Use that chance wisely, and dress for success.” 

The professional world has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past few decades. With changing attitudes as baby boomers phase-out of the workforce and millennials are taking over senior-level positions, expectations are changing.


Smart Ways To Deal With Passive-Aggressive Behavior At Work

Passive-aggressive behaviour can have grave consequences to relationships at the workplace. It is characterised by expression of negative feelings, resentment and aggression in an unassertive way such as stubbornness, procrastination and unwillingness to communicate. When furious, a passive aggressive person may repeatedly claim that they are fine and not mad at all.


The Relevant Recruiter Show Featuring Renee Frey

Welcome everyone to our first episode of The Relevant Recruiter Show with Donnie Gupton. We kick-off with an interview with TalentQ’s President, Renee Frey who is a recruiting expert, speaker, and author. She has over 17 years of experience in the recruiting space and a top industry leader. Her company has been revolutionising the recruiting industry through the usage of data analytics.
Join us as she shares her journey, the leadership lessons she’s picked up throughout the years, and some advice on how to take on this industry.


War On Talent - What's Your Weapon?

Are you armed with the tools needed to attract and procure talent in today’s competitive market? Have you found yourself waiting for people to apply to your postings or have you lost a candidate to a counter offer? With the unemployment rate at a mere 3.7%, it is more important than ever to evaluate your hiring processes and evolve with the changing candidate-driven market...


What If You Could LOVE Your Mondays?

Expert headhunter and superhero recruiting guru, Renee Frey, has consolidated fifteen years of helping thousands of people find jobs that make them jump out of bed on Mondays into this short, easy-to-use guide.
In I Hate Mondays, Renee shares the story of one of her most troubled clients, Jennifer, and their process of landing her dream job, including all of the training and tools Renee provided in order to make it possible. You will see exactly how to...


Hudson Entrepreneur And Business Owner Publishes First Book

Hudson entrepreneur and owner of TalentQ, Inc., Renee Frey, gathered up her expertise to offer job searching advice to those that shout "I Hate Mondays!" Due to a high demand for her coaching and job market expertise, Frey realized it was time to...


TalentQ Is Womens Business Enterprise

TalentQ, Inc., a nationwide recruiting company, is proud to announce their national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).
WBENC’s national standard of certification implemented by the Women’s Business Development Center – Minnesota, is a meticulous process...


TalentQ Opens New Location

Renee Frey has moved her company TalentQ to her hometown, and out of her home. Her new location at 1294 Hosford St. in Hudson will allow Frey to progress her recruiting firm toward her goals. "I want to build a multimillion dollar recruiting firm...


Recruiting And Hiring Panel

Jun 2016: Recruiting and Hiring Panelists Club Entrepreneur | Saint Paul Business Luncheoon...

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